Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas as a Kid... Blogger challenge...

The best thing I remember of Christmas as a kid was the silly hats you get in the bon bons. We have so many photos in the kings and queens hats, too funny. I make my family wear thenm now too. Lol.

My parents had the policy if we got up before 7am, we didn't presents so we used to wake up real early and sit in our rooms, staring at the walls and fidgeting till it was 7am.

We used to rip our presents open and play straight away with them then when we were finished, we used to stack thnm on our beds, we always had a huge mountain of presents.

Christmas lunch was at out grandparents house then at night we used to watch the fireworks locally, we used to stand on the verandah and watch them crackling above us.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Wishlist... Blogger Challenge.

This Christmas, the one thing I wanted was to go visit my husband's family for Christmas to sho off my little girl, then Peter's nana got diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer so we really want to go down now.

My material wishlist is:
* iPod Nano- to store my images on.
* Albums for my scrapbooking.
* Tim tam gift pack.
Tim tams are chocolate biscuits and are too die for. Lol
In the gift pack, you get 2 coffee mugs, a packet of tim tams and a packet of Vittoria coffee. Yummo.

Merry Christmas girls.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Re-do Christmas.

Blogger Challenge at

The best Christmas I have had was Christmas 2005. It was the first Christmas in 8 years that my dad was home with us as he is usually working away.

Mum, dad, Peter (DH) and myself (and bubba in tummy) went to the beach where we had the traditional lunch (chicken, ham, turkey) with prawns, oysters and salad.

After lunch we sat under the trees and had dessert and a drink, which at this point I didn't know I was pregnant then after we had enough, we came home and ate more, drank more and watched DVDs.

It was that special that we are planning another beach Aussie Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas Girls.

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Blog.

Hi girls....

Check out Through our Eyes for my new blog.

Have changed to typepad again.... so sorry for the trouble. Lol

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Time to update...

I have not been too well this week. Peter started back at work after 5 weeks off and the baby blues hit me so I have been quiet this week.

Mum and dad have been so helpful this week, helping me with Lillee and just being there for me.

I love this photo of Lillee. It was taken at the window, she was looking out into the back yard and I couldn't resisit the adorable look on her face.

Will upload a LO I have created tomorrow.

Talk care girls.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1st.

October 1st and this marks Lillee being 1 month old.

Its hard to believe that 1 whole month ago I was having contractions and facing the scary labour process.

My... how my baby has grown in 1 month. She has put on so much weight and has moved into 000 clothing now.

Last night she slept for 7 hours between her feeds, it was a great nights sleep too.

Mum and dad brought her a bouncernett and it has a music box on it and it vibrates, She loves it and goes to sleep as soon as you turn the vibration on.

Well, going to scrap now and will update later.

Guest Design Team Work....

Guest Design Team work.... for Scrapbook Dreamer.

As I am September Guest Design Team member, I got sent a huge pack of baby girl papers and embellishments so I had fun creating a frame for Scott (my father-in-law), a canvas for Lillee's room and a beautiful layout about Lillee.

I still have more papers from the pack so will be creating more and uploading it too. So check out the gallery at Scrapbook Dreamer and chat with the girls there, they are all so nice.

Laura has great products in the shop and great prices too.

The frame was a How-to tutorial so there are step by step details on the forum.

Scrapbook Dreamer is looking for design team members now so check out the details on the main page of the shop: Scrapbook Dreamer DT

Here is a link to my gallery so you can see more of the creations I made with my pack:
Scrapadel's Gallery.

Thanks for looking at my work and thanks for all the comments.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Angel...

I know Im a bad mother but I brought Lillee some Angel wings.... well they are really butterfly wings from the discount shop so I could take a photo and i might use it on our Christmas cards.I had to get Peter to hold the wings up so I could still see her face.I have started a new blog.... Through Our Eyes. This will replace Adel's Creations as I have uploaded all my layouts into a gallery there and it will be mostly a blog about Lillee.I have started this as most of our family and friends live interstate and this is a great way to let them know how much she has grown and share photos so if you want to check it out, the link is in my link side bar.Feel free to leave a comment, I will upload photos and post message daily (I hope, Lol)